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This morning my huby went to another city for his works..

For a loooonngg time me and my daughter will be alone..

Also my dad had a surgery yesterday and mom and brother are all at the hospital for looking after him..
We visited too, but my daughter couldnt see her grandpa,she cried a bit.. :)

My dady will leave the hospital in friday,everything is up and now in here in these days..

so,i am not creative.. but i have some orders from my shop, try to finish them..

These colorful pages from Charlie and Lola book,which i ordered from USA, and my daughter loves sooo much!.

we will have a lot of time for this coloring thing,all alone..

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  1. I hope your dad has a fast recovery and that he will be out soon to be with you all. lovely doodles and colourings. Your girl is so sweet and i am sure you both will enjoy the time together.

    i have a blog giveaway @ the moment to celebrate my 100th sale in Etsy, maybe u wanna take part? http://swiedebie.blogspot.com/2010/05/win-this-gingerbb-pair-plush-pins.html

  2. I hope your Dad gets well soon and I hope you and your girl are ok without her Daddy for a little while :)

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