Creative Space

aghhh.. really do not have time but i couldnt take myself blogging today. i guess when you have lots of wroks to do and do not want to do then try to make yoursel busy with other stuffs.. right now i ma in that mood!!

anyway before the post office closed i should finish my orders..

i made a list and hanged it on my little corner, and put a little toy of my girl to make me cheerful
when i am bored!!

And this is the my new tree(ikea) to hang my ornaments :D really love it!

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4 yorum:

  1. very nice combination! I love the cute birds!

  2. They are super cute!
    glad you did blog ;)

  3. Cute! And this IKEA tree is a great display!

  4. Lovely! These little cuties perching on their tree!