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it has been ages that i havent take the needle on my hand and crocheted something.. ( i miss it a lot. it has been almost  1 week that i havent crochet anything-a holiday-.. )

by the some sales and a giveaway ,i have some items to crochet.. first i made a list for myself to make the crocheting progress more happy and cheerful :) also i just draw them for CS reader:)

2 bees, 2 frog coasters, and  3 apple coasters (for giveaway winner)

also i cut out the felt wings for a bee and put it on the drawen bee:) looks so cute up there..

And this is the back scene of hard work :)

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Happy Thursday all!

2 yorum:

  1. What a nice working system :) You are so Well organized Sabahnur !

  2. love the yellow bees! not enough x2!