Eminonu Tour

I live in the asian side of Istanbul. We go to Eminonu with ferry which is the Istanbul's one of beauty.. City lays in two continent Asia an Europe and Mediterraniean Sea spares the city..

Eminönü is a very populer touristic place in Istanbul.. My sister in law visited us and we took them to Eminonu to have some good time.

We got on ferry to went there, 

When you reached the Eminonu the New Mosque meets you there.. You can be feauture on a tourist's photo accidentally :)

A ceramic model from the New Mosque..

And the fish boats are very populer at the shore. You can get your fish in a half bread with salad and onions. Yummy..

Spice Bazaar;

Some photos from Grand Bazaar;

Handmade Carpets,

Handpainted plates for wall hanging

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