Weekend basics

This weekend  was really full for me.. on saturday we old high school friends met up. Delicious foods,lovely conversations,memories,laugh and more...

My friend house was nearer the airport so we saw lots of plane instead of birds :)

She made lots of delicious foods for us it was a pleasure to be on that table..

We met at European side of Istanbul so we had to chance to get on a ferry. So  much relaxing and enjoying time we had at ferry too.

On sunday  we went to nearer bazaar to get fresh fruits and vegetables..




After grocery shopping we went to park my daughter ride her bycle hubby and i played basketball i was bad at that :/

 After all joy and play we went to nearer picnic place to make barbeque also we cook eggplants and corns in hot ashes too..

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  1. What a wonderful day. And my gosh, your lunch looks absolutely incredible as does the market. A perfect weekend!! :D

    By The Shore, a life + style blog