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1. Snowmen family in TX, 2. snowman, 3. snow globe christmas cookies, 4. Chickadee and the Snowman

on saturday storque of ETSY, my snowman coasters were feautered.. Really happy time i had..
Also it is the first day of December,the weather is still warm,a weak sun but no snow..

i really miss it!

So enjoy my snowman faves!

Want to join the fun on playing this game?! pls visit Artmind's blog.

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14 yorum:

  1. They look very cute :) Can't wait till I can make one myself. Hopefully it won't stay this way on Christmas. It's not very much fun without snow on Christmas...

  2. Ohh, I love that picture with the little bird! Mighty cute! :)

  3. Oh, how cute are those cookies? I want one!

  4. Congrats of you featur at Etsy - it is always great fun =)
    cute mosaic!

  5. weather is all wonky, uh? not really cold where it should be ... cold where it should be summer...
    Your coasters are lovely!

  6. I love your coaster, and the snowmen are so cute. Makes me yearn for a white christmas

  7. if we have snow this year, Isurely gone make one too :-)

  8. Congrats on your feature, Sabahnur.
    Very cute pictures of snowmen!

  9. wonderful.. and so funny mosaic.. brr :)
    congratulations dear..