msteam meeting

Oh what a lovely day we had.. i am really happy now to meet my dear friends..

We met at Hande's artstudio.. She prepared lots of yummy food for us..

Also we had lovely gifts by all delicious foods and chat.

Periay and toosis are opening their gifts:)
Handebilten and meltemsem had already opened their giftS:)

i couldnt stay long,had to leave early but i was really really pleasured to be there and have these lovely friends.

Thanks girls,you are ROCK!:)
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  1. Ohhh thank you very much Sabahnur..We didnt take any pictures of you..Where were you? :)))

  2. it was a great day and I was happy to finaly meet you and Hande in person. Lets do it again soon.

  3. periay, iwas the photographer so i do not have one:)

    toosis,yes dear i am really glad to meet in person too