baby things

in september first week my sister will have a baby boy. we are so excited about it for sure and working a lot to celebrate his coming.

in this programme i preape the little favors to give the visitors which will come to hospital and the home to see the baby boy and celebrate the family.

we are thinking to preapare little jars filled by blue and white candies. First i washed all the jars ..

Golden covers..

they are all dried and ready . there are about 80 little jars.

This week we will buy candies and fill them. Then we will cut blue gingham fabrics for the top and will tie white ribbons to hold the fabric .Then we will attache  little tags which i ordered from etsy and it should probably be look like this

it is so exciting ,i'll show the result when all done..

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  1. Wow, so much work !! But they sure look cute :)

    Hayirli olsun bu arada. Insallah kolay bir dogum olur ve hayirli bir evlat olur !!

  2. kavanozları nereden buldunuz?