Easy cross stitch pattern for kids

so we are in summer break time not goes easily at home with a kid who looking for a activity everytime else want  to watch cartoons by hours..
She is doing her summer homeworks,reads,play chess or with toys and else..

i try to teach her every crafty thing i know so far and i guess it is the best desicion i have made up. Making cross stitches takes long time to make her busy with something instead of tv. 

At very first her xs were like this;

Then it became like this,she learned how to use the fabric and needle and threads..

when she finished it i cut the shape of apple from the fabric,then sewed it on a striped pink fabric ,sttiched the date of the day she finihed and used an ikea frame to hang it on to her rooms wall..

hanged on the wall ,i guess it changes a lot up on there later ..

Here is the pattern if you are interested!

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